Electro Deionization Systems

Electro Deionization (EDI) is a chemical free technique that yields highly pure water by removing the dissolved ions present in the water using electricity.

Working Principle

The raw water is passed through the electro deionization system consisting of a cathode, anode, resin and semi permeable ions separation membranes. Water flows between the anode and the cathode and the membranes separate positive and negative ions in the water. These separated positive and negative ions are attracted towards the cathode and anode respectively. A pure deionized water is obtained from the system.

The resin is regenerated using electric current.

As given in the SOP*, the Electro Deionization System has to be operated and maintained.

Technical Specifications

Make ASP
Capacity Above 1000 LPH
Control typeAutomatic


Food and Beverages Industries
Steam generating process
Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Electronics manufacturing Industries

Our Value Addition

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*SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will be provided after installation.