Ozonation/Ozonization Systems

Ozonation Systems remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide that causes an unpleasant odour and taste in the water. It also incapacitates and kills the fungi, germs, bacteria, virus and protozoa present in the water.

Working Principle

An Ozone generator generates ozone (O3 - 3 oxygen atoms) and these ozone molecules when contacted with water, the weak bonded oxygen atom destroys the organic particles present in the water and a clear and pure water is obtained.

As given in the SOP*, the Ozonation System has to be operated and maintained.

Technical Specifications

Make ASP
Model IROZ
Capacity 1000 LPH and above

We provide Ozonation Systems based on the capacity of the water and waste water treatment plants.


Drinking water treatment
Chemical Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Food processing Industries
Fertilizer Industries
Cooling tower water treatment
Swimming Pool Treatment Systems
Water recycling systems
Waste water treatment

Our Value Addition

Our systems offer maximum recovery, durability and reliability
Our focused evaluation of your requirement renders you the suitable solution
Our efficient design ensures the performance
Our supply of quality materials ensures lifetime of the products & projects
Our skilled installation ensures consistent performance
Our unwavering service and support ensure proper maintenance

*SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will be provided after installation.