Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems remove the total dissolved solids present in the water.

Working Principle

The raw water is pumped through a semi-permeable membrane using a high pressure pump that creates more pressure than the osmotic pressure. Due to this pressure, the salts and other dissolved solids are unable to pass through the membrane and are rejected through the reject stream. Only the pure water passes through the membrane and this product water and can be collected at the outlet of the RO unit.

As given in the SOP*, the RO units have to be operated and maintained properly.

Technical Specifications

Make ASP
Model IRRO
Capacity Above 1000 LPH
Control type Manual, Automatic

We design, supply and install Reverse Osmosis Systems of various capacities to suit the needs of the clients.


Drinking needs
Manufacturing Industries
Processing Industries
Dialysis units in hospitals
Filtration of feed water in Boiler process

Our Value Addition

Our systems offer maximum recovery, durability and reliability
Our focused evaluation of your requirement renders you the suitable solution
Our efficient design ensures the performance
Our supply of quality materials ensures lifetime of the products & projects
Our skilled installation ensures consistent performance
Our unwavering service and support ensure proper maintenance

*SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will be provided after installation.