Water Softening Systems

The Need

Water has lost its real color, real taste and its real properties. The water has been polluted to such an extent that it cannot be used without treating it. The ground water level has greatly decreased and hence the hardness is so high. The usage of hard water results in scale formation in utensils and pipelines. It decreases the efficiency of household machineries like washing machines, water heaters, air conditioning systems etc. The hard water increases the consumption of soaps, detergents and shampoo. It also results in hair loss and affects the skin. The need for soft water is essential for all our household activities.

Our Solution

We suggest you the most suitable water softener that converts hard water to soft water using the ion exchange method.

Our Value Addition

Our wide range of products that best suit your needs
Supply of quality materials
Proper installation by our technical experts
Clear instructions for operation and maintenance
Timely after sales support
Our systems offer maximum recovery, durability and reliability

Our Range of Products

Water Softener - 500 LPH

Make ASP
Model CWSF 500
Vessel MOC FRP
Type Of Flow Down Flow
Flow Rate 500 LPH
Type of Media Resin

Water Softener - 1000 LPH

Make ASP
Model CWSF 1000
Vessel MOC FRP
Type Of Flow Down Flow
Flow Rate 1000 LPH
Type of Media Resin

As per the SOP*, resin regeneration has to be done periodically.

*SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will be provided after installation.